General Information

Arden Kilzer holds a Bachelor of Arts Drama with a minor in Digital Arts from the University of California, Irvine. She is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her passions include acting, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, and filmmaking to name a few, and she intends to incorporate all of these into her life in whatever ways she can. She also occasionally enjoys referring to herself in the third person and inserts this lame joke into every single about me she has ever written. I’ll stop pretending like I’m not the one writing this now.

Early Years
in Performance

I was involved in the arts from an early age when my parents enrolled me in a tap/ballet class at two years old. Performance enthralled me from the beginning, but I quickly discovered my preference for acting over dance when my ballet class was put into our studio’s production of The Princess Pea and I was given the role of the mother pea at age seven. I loved the way I could transform into another person with just a few lines of dialogue, and I haven’t stopped performing since.

Meanwhile in Visual Art

I’ve always been a compulsive doodler. All through my school years, if there was a piece of paper and a writing utensil in front of me, there were drawings on it by the time it left my hands. My notes were constantly filled with sketches of faces, patterns, and people. I spent hours of my free time after school drawing pictures as well. I would fill page after page of sketchbooks with my drawings. In high school I discovered I could draw pictures in Photoshop as well, and I got my first tablet. Though I haven’t had as much time to draw as I would like in college, I still fill the margins of my notes with doodles, and I hope to pick it up again someday as more than just a hobby.

In the Realm of Graphic Design

I became enamored with fonts from the moment I discovered that with a few mouse clicks, I could change the way the text of my school reports looked when I typed them up on my mom’s old Apple II computer. I loved that, with a little extra care, I could change the way my handwritten words looked, and that could change the way the word affected the reader. I had a natural eye for composition. I knew instinctively how, with a few small tweaks, I could make my message more or less effective. In high school I finally took a course in graphic design, which helped to hone my knowledge and techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In college I became the in-house graphic design specialist for Pipeline(Undergraduate Theatre Society), a student-run club dedicated to giving undergraduate students more theatrical opportunities. This has given me so much hands-on experience with poster and logo design, and it’s enabled me to enhance my skills with immediate feedback from my peers.

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